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49 acres timber camping land in WA 98648

419,000 USD
Roley, Stevenson
6 view
Land ID: 65811 Update time: 2020-09-28 13:32:50
Trading years: 99 years Size: 49ac
Feature: Horse | Cow | Pig | camping | garden | riding | wheat Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Endless possibilities, mixed use property. Total Acres 49, with 4 new developments in Stevenson WA, getting in on the ground floor of this one is full of opportunities! Lower portion is 35 acres, Zoned R5, allowing for 6 -5 acre parcels. The other 13.35 acres allows numerous use's see the list under documents. This area is exploding, get in on this one NOW. Orange tag in Tree, 25 more feet, big ditch.

Transportation & Other Facilities

Highway: 30-60mins
Port: <30mins
High-speed railway:30-60mins
Provincial/Interstate highway: 30-60mins
National highway:<30mins
County road: <30mins
Township road:<30mins
Village road/Self-built road: <30mins
Water supply: tap water
Heat supply: centralized heating
Energy:natural gas pipeline
Communications: connected
TV system:connected
Internet system: connected
Sewage:direct discharge
Greening: class I
Parking:to be improved
Education: complete
Medical treatment:complete
Sanitation: complete
Entertainment:to be improved
Food: complete
Attractions within 5 km:yes
Area of tenure(ac,sqm,ha):
Exclusive use area(ac,sqm,ha):
Apportioned area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building type:
Building area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building density:
Plot ratio:
Green area ratio:
Limited height:
Nearby industrial clusters:
Comfort index:
Noise index:
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