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7,500 USD
210 Pandora Dr, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855
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Land ID: 70647 Update time: 2020-10-14 11:17:31
Trading years: 99 years Size: 0.5ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Land Details: 0.5 Acres Actual Land Size: 218.18 ft x 99.57 ft x 218.50 ft x 99.54 ft State: Florida County: Polk County Near Cities: Lake Wales, FL, Avon Park, FL Land ID: 303108994040015605 Coordinates: 27.79629, -81.34344 Category: RS Land Use Area Elevation: 82 ft. In Polk County, Florida, Indian Lake Estates is everyone's dream land.This is an Indian Lake Estates Golf and Country Club situated next to Pandora Dr., and is the perfect place for anyone eager to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.Water Walking Wildlife Management Area, KICCO Wildlife Management Area, and Kissimmee Lake State Park are all just a few minutes' drive away.All of this provides just the right nature and fun for home travel.You can choose to drive to Lake Weohyakapka fishing, or choose to stroll around the lake and enjoy the mountain colors of the lake, believing that local specialty Largemouth Bass Pit gives you a unique culinary experience.20.6 miles from here is Lake Wales, where you can get the dining and shopping experience that will keep you unforgettable.Please believe that living here you will enjoy a different life! This is a land set in Florida, on the shores of Lake Wales, where you can build the perfect home in your mind! Nearby Schools: Ghana Elementary School (12.1 miles) Western Middle School (23.6 miles) Haines City Senior High School (37.7 miles) South Florida State University (31.1 miles) Near the restaurant, supermarket: Winn-Dixie (18.8 miles) Publix Supermarket in Winter Paradise Square (30.9 miles) El Zocalo Supermarket (37.9 miles) Nearby Restaurant: 19th Century Bar & Grill (1.9 miles) Perch Grill Tavern (23.3 miles) Whatcha Got Cookin (17.6 miles) Near Attractions: Universal Studios Florida (67.8 miles) SeaWorld Orlando (62.9 miles) Walt Disney World Resort (57.9 miles) OranMultiple Nearby Attractions Disclaimer affirms the buyer's responsibility to verify all information with the Shire Government and what operations can be done on the asset.If needed, the buyer would need to apply to the Shire Government to obtain a proper permit.The buyer will also need to confirm whether there are any utilities on the property that need or service.The seller does not guarantee the nature of the asset or what changes may be made to the asset, and the purchase of a house should be responsible for consulting the corresponding government department.

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