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1 acre of buildable land in Clayton!Just 26 minutes by car from Raleigh NC — Johnston-1297 — 0 North Mail St.

44,000 USD
27520 Clayton, N.C.
19 view
Land ID: 70649 Update time: 2020-10-14 11:29:00
Trading years: 99 years Size: 0.79ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Asset Details — Area: 0.79 acres In State: North Carolina Townships: Johnston Nearest city: Clayton, North Carolina — Garner — Raleigh Land Number: 05033066A Address: Clayton, North Carolina 27520 Dimensions: 184.8 ft x 190.08 ft x 84.48 ft x 42.24 ft x 31.68 ft x 42.24 ft x 147.84 ft Township County: Johnston Coordinates: 35.6538, -78.4554 The area in which: Uptown Elevation: 11925.9 ft Asset Description: Imagine the easy life on this 1-acre pristine land. You can build a house in Clayton, North Carolina.This one is in a prime location, close to a lot of amenities.Cooper College is just 0.3 miles northeast of the hotel. Most of the major venues within the town of Clayton are within 0.5-0.6 miles southwest of the property.You can drive to these major establishments, including restaurants, shops, shops, parks and much more, and enjoy everything Clayton Town has to offer. The area has some nice and cheap houses and some nice matching, so anyone who wants to build a house ensures that the area still has great investment potential or profit. Attractions near Raleigh: Clayton is a small town, but there's a lot you can do here.The Monster Indoor Batting Cage, a 2-minute drive from this plot, is the best spot for batting indoors in Raleigh.The people in the shop were kind. East Clayton Community Park is just 3.5 miles away.If you wish to spend time with your family and play golf, this is a great location!Head to the northwest side of the site and immediately reach Raleigh City. Local boutiques are on sale with lots of gifts and treasures, including lots of handmade and custom designs, and you can really do what you want.In addition, broaden the horizons with a series of seductive visual and performing art exhibitions. Area information: Nearby schools include Clayton High School, Clayton Middle School, Clarksville Theological Seminary, Streer University, and North Carolina State University. Nearest grocery stores are Walmart supermarkets and Clayton's Lowes Foods neighborhood coffee shops and food outlets including Starbucks, Boulevards West and Jones Cafe nearby restaurants include Mannings Restaurant, The Flipside Restaurant, Taproom and Clayton Steakhouse North Mail St near East Clayton Dog Park, Clayton Community Public ParkAnd the Pine Hollow Golf Club disclaimer buyer is responsible for verifying with the county government all information about what can and cannot be done on the property.If needed, the buyer will need to work with the county government to obtain an appropriate permit.Buyers will also need to confirm the availability of any utility required or provided for the property.The seller may not make any warranty or statement regarding the land, its condition or property.

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Heat supply: centralized heating
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