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7,500 USD
Pandora Dr, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855, USA
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Land ID: 70658 Update time: 2020-10-14 14:40:52
Trading years: 99 years Size: 0.5ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Asset Details - Area: 0.50 Acre State: Florida Township: Polk County Nearest City: Haines, Florida, Evin Park, Indian Lake Estates Unit 2 Land Number: 303107994050019607 Address: Pandora Dr., Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855, USA Size 99.15 feet x 216.69 feet x 99.15 feet x 216.69 feet Located in Polk County Location coordinates: 27.796293, -81.360416 Location: Uptown Elevation: 78.7 feet Asset Description: Join this stunning tranquil community in Polk County, Florida.Have this half-acre of land on Pandora's Indian Lake estate and live up to the dream of building!Embrace the comfort of life and enjoy the intimate space this property offers!This is close to Lake Weaua Capuca and is an adventure park.As the largest lake in Polk County, not only fishing enthusiasts will enjoy this Waiakapucka Lake crystal waters.Bird lovers can jump on a kayak or canoe and march slowly and quietly along the coastline in search of eagles and ospreys who are enjoying the day's fresh food.Waders can be seen gnawing at food during the day, and if you want to find other creatures like alligators, deer or turkeys, it takes keen observation to find. Attractions near Lake Wales: From the beautiful Lake Waiaua Capuca to nearby cities, see Lake Wales and Highland Park, the plot is the centre of fun and adventure.Nearby houses are very nice, and there is access to the parking lot.If you want to visit a water wildlife sanctuary, the plot is just 14.8 miles from the reserve.It has a fantastic environment and simple campgrounds.Ease through Florida bushes.You can head to the KICCO Wildlife Sanctuary just 11.8 miles away.Many turkeys, deer and wild boars hunt here, with a pristine camping area, and plenty of places to fish. Schools near regional information include McLaughlin Middle School, Lake Wales Middle School, Vaneta Elementary School, Warner University, and Weber International University The nearest grocery stores are coffee shops and food stores near Walmart Mall include: Dunkin, Kathleen's Christian Books - Gift Coffee Ice Cream & More and Arch Restaurants near the Gallery Coffee & Sandwich Shop include: Lake Wales Family Restaurant, LeContro and Crazy FishBar and Grill Dr. Hibiscus Flowers is near Willers Lake Park, Lake Wales Park, and Florida Heights Golf Club. Disclaimer: The buyer is responsible for verifying all information with the county government about what can and cannot do with the property.If needed, the buyer will need to work with the county government to obtain a proper permit.

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