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Half an acre of land on the shores of Lake Wales, Florida

8,000 USD
0 Oleander Dr, Lake Wales FL 33855
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Land ID: 70678 Update time: 2020-10-15 09:04:58
Trading years: 99 years Size: 0.5ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Asset Details — Area: 0.50 Acres In State: Florida Townships: Polk County Nearest city: Lake Wales, Avon Park, Florida Lackland Land Number: 303107994050020821 Address: 0 Oleander Dr, Lake Wales FL 33855 Dimension: 100ft x 218ft Coordinates: 27.793920, -81.363560 Location Area: RS Land Use District within Pre DRI #2 Indian Lake Estates Asset Description: This land is just 2.8 miles from Weohyakapka Lake and is perfect for endowment.Surrounded by mansions, it is a great place to stay close to nature.Just 24.9 km from the massif, there are many attractions worth visiting on the shores of Lake Wales, which is sure to give you an unforgettable journey.The famous Birkta Estate sits just above Mount Eyre on the banks of Lake Wales at an elevation of 295 feet above sea level, the highest place in Florida.Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo, the largest vacation ranch east of the Mississippi River, are also near this site.Please believe that this is a place of treasure worth investing in.You can build an ideal home here, we are selling this property at the lowest price. Would you like to be such a lucky buyer? Nearby Schools: • Babson Park Elementary School (24.9 miles) • Frostproof Middle — Senior High School (19.1 miles) • Polk National College (22.0 miles) Near Grocery Store: • A Level Discount Store (22.9 miles) • Aldi (27.0 miles) Mile) • One Dollar Shop (21.6 miles) Nearby Restaurants: • Lake Wales Family Restaurant (22.1 miles) • Anita's Mexican Restaurant (22.5 miles) • Harry's Old Place Restaurant (32.2 miles) Nearby Attractions: • Indian Lakeview Lake Pavilion (2.6 miles) • Frostproof Parks & Recreation (19.0 miles) • Lake Wales Park, Lake Wales (20.9 miles) Disclaimer The buyer is responsible for verifying with the county government all information about what the property can and cannot do.If needed, the buyer will need to apply to the county government to obtain a proper permit.Buyers will also need to confirm the availability of any utility required or provided for the property.The seller shall not make any warranty or statement regarding the land, land condition or property

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Heat supply: no
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