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0.5 acres of land for a leisurely living on the shores of the Welsh lakeside

15,459 USD
Pinnata Dr., Lake Wales, FL 33843, USA
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Land ID: 70680 Update time: 2020-10-15 09:04:52
Trading years: 99 years Size: 0.52ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Asset Details — Area: 0.52 acres In State: Florida Townships: Poquel Nearest City: Indian Lake Estuary - Woodlands - Hines City, Florida Land Number: 293124993285001050 Address: Pinnata Dr, Lake Wales, FL 33843, USA Dimensions: 224.67 ft x99.57 ft x224.67 ft x99.57 ft Coordinates: 27.773438, -81.381555 The area in which: Uptown Elevation: 85 ft Asset Description: You can enjoy tranquility and comfort on this half-acre of pristine land in Polk County, Florida.It is situated in pinata Dr, an area only a few minutes' drive from the surrounding lakes such as Lake Weohyakapka and Lake Reeds.In the center of the Florida peninsula, Lake Wales provides a bird's-eye view of Florida.Here, bells ring from this church with a dome and belfry.The church, which was built in 1927, will explain the history to you.The mural, designed by the firm of prominent urban planner Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., brought the historic downtown to life.Lake Wales: Not just special, but also distinctive!It is a good place to live and work life is convenient.However, there are still some local people living in affordable housing, who work hard, are optimistic and want to stay in their big house early.So it's a great place to invest, and people who make a house here will be able to find an ideal buyer.Investing here can make a rich profit from it! Area information: Nearby schools include McLaughlin Middle School, Lake Wales High School, Wachner Elementary School, Warner University and Webber International University nearby supermarkets: Walmart and Save A Lot Near Cafe: Dunkin', Kathryn's Christian Books — Gifts Coffee Ice Crew & More and Arcade Coffee & Sandwich Shop Restaurants Near: Ike Welsh Family Restaurant, L'Incontro and Crazy Fish Bar & Grill Nearby Attractions: Dr Hibiscus Close to Wells Lake Park, Lake Wales Park and Florida Heights Golf Club Disclaimer The buyer is responsible for verifying with the county government that the property can be doneAll the information on what and can't do.If needed, the buyer will need to apply to the county government to obtain a proper permit.Buyers will also need to confirm the availability of any utility required or provided for the property.The seller may not make any warranty or statement regarding the land, its condition or property.

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Water supply: tap water
Heat supply: centralized heating
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