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How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent?

The real estate agents are of great importance to the real estate industry. They run through the entire process of the economic operation of the real estate industry and provides diversified intermediary services for the real estate industry.

agent & broker & realtor

Anyone who obtains a real estate license can be called a real estate agent, regardless of whether the license is for sales professionals or brokers. Although the requirements of each state are different, they must participate in real estate training courses and pass exams to obtain a license. Most of the brokers obtain the Agent 's license first . To be an agent in California requires a license in a brokerage, and the broker cannot complete the transaction independently .

According to state law, if you want to become a real estate broker, you must pass the agent exam, and then you must also pass the broker license exam. Brokers can work independently or hire other agents to work for them. The broker bears legal responsibility for the agent . With a broker license, you can start a real estate company by yourself. Real estate associate broker refers to a person who has participated in additional real estate training courses and obtained a broker license, but chooses to work under the management of other brokers.

Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors, which means he must adhere to the association's standards and ethics.

How to be a successful real estate agent?

①Pass the agent exam. Because the federal government does not make uniform requirements for real estate license examinations, each state has its own set of specific requirements. You can check the specific requirements on the website of the real estate regulatory office in your state. No matter which state you are in, you must take pre-test training at a certified real estate agency training school before taking the real estate agency exam. Different states have different training hours. For example, in California, applicants must take three courses for a total of 135 hours. In New York State, 75 hours of class are required . These courses cover all aspects of the real estate industry and generally include the following courses:

Real estate foundation

Real estate theory

Real estate finance

Real estate law

Real estate brokerage

Business law

contract law

Property management

You can take classes at a real estate training college or a designated university, or you can take online courses. After completing the course, remember to take the transcript and certificate of completion. These materials will be used when applying for the qualification certificate. In addition to mandatory training courses, many schools also provide additional pre-test training courses. Although they are not mandatory, many applicants will take these additional training courses to make themselves more confident.

②Once you pass the exam and get the real estate agency license, you can't start selling your house right away. In most states, new real estate agents must be affiliated with a brokerage company for the first two years. Some states even require some real estate agents to get the support of a brokerage company before taking the exam, so it is best to start looking for them as soon as possible.

③For new agents, it is very important to have a good relationship with seniors in the industry and make more friends. It is best to find an industry mentor in a brokerage company, who can provide valuable experience in real estate industry.

④Be familiar with your own listings, and explore the core selling points of listings. Analyze what kind of personality the customer is, think about the customer's needs, and what kind of house does he want to buy? Before accompany the client to see the house, be sure to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the house. Be good at discovering the advantages and disadvantages of the house. You can point out the disadvantages of the house before the client, which helps you gain the trust of customers easier.

⑤Information is an important resource for real estate agents to conduct business. As long as you have good information collection skills, you can continuously master a large amount of real, accurate and systematic real estate information. First of all, the skills of collecting information include identifying, categorizing, sorting, storing, and quickly retrieving daily information. Secondly, you need to accurately grasp the content, focus, and channels of information collection according to specific business needs, and flexibly exercise various information collection methods and channels to quickly and effectively collect targeted information.

Duties and responsibilities of real estate agent

① Receiving customers. Provide clients with professional real estate consulting services

② Conduct on-site surveys of existing housing

③Develop new customers, accumulate housing information, and establish good cooperative relations with customers.

④ Accompany customers to see the house and facilitate the sale or leasing business.

⑤Revisit customers on time and collect feedback.

Salary of real estate agent

Real estate agents generally don’t get wages from their brokers, but instead take a commission on sales. Usually, commissions are paid to the following four parties: the seller’s agent, the buyer’s agent and their respective brokers. Many brokers and their sales agents share commissions based on agreed percentages (usually 50/50 ). Some brokers allow agents to keep up to 100% of the commission, but these agents usually pay a monthly " desk fee " to enjoy the desk and resources of the broker's office. According to Indeed, The average salary for a real estate agent is $85,309 per year in the United States.