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Marc Lore Plans To Build A Woke City in the United States

Former Wal-Mart executive Marc Lore has shared his vision for a new American city that will cost $400 billion to build. 

The new city, called Telosa, will be designed as a sustainable metropolis in the middle of a desert somewhere in the United States. City planners are currently looking at Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Texas.

The layout of the new city will allow residents to go to work, school, or anything else in less than 15 minutes. Telosa aims to be eco-friendly and use sustainable energy and water. At the heart of the city is a skyscraper that will be designed to be a "beacon of the city".

The city will eventually expand to cover 150,000 acres and support a population of five million. But that's at least 40 years away. The first phase will obviously take 10-20 years and will support a population of 1 million. Telosa may be reminiscent of the undersea city of Rapture in the BioShock game, a giant underwater utopia designed to help societies thrive. Telosa's proponents, however, say their goal is not to create a utopia, but to focus on what is possible.