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There Are More Real Estate Agents Than Homes For Sale In America

According to the latest figures from the National Association of Realtors, there are more registered real estate agents than homes for sale this year. It was only the second time in U.S. history.

Nationwide, there were 1.45 million registered real estate agents, up 4.8 percent year on year, but only 1.04 million homes for sale, down 26 percent year on year. That's the fewest since 1982.

This reflects the extremely tight supply and rising prices of homes in the US, which has led to a large number of people entering the real estate agency industry. In addition, COVID-19 has caused a large number of job losses in the service sector, who need to be re-employed. And real estate agents can be a good choice, especially as housing prices rise.

The first time the number of real estate agents in the US exceeded the number of homes for sale was in December 2019. Private investment and trade continued to weaken, and the number of real estate agents declined. The number of homes for sale fell sharply, resulting in more agents than homes for sale.