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How to Get Rid of Skinks in the House?

Why do skinks appear in the house?

  First of all, skinks feed on mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects. The presence of skinks is largely caused by insects. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent skinks appearing in the house is to keep the house clean and eliminate insects at home.

Some ways to help get rid of skinks in the house

  The problem can be prevented by installing screen windows and screen doors at home and spraying insecticides indoors. What’s more, the sheet and quilt should often be aired under the sun and patted to remove the dust, so that there will be no musty smell to attract skinks. And don’t pile junks in the house and make sure ventilating and Cleaning the house in time. By doing so, people can prevent the appearing of insects, and if there are no insects in the house, there will be no food to attract skinks to come.

  Besides, there are three most frequently used ways to help you get rid of skinks in the house. Generally, skinks can be driven away from home by placing incense, realgar powder, camphor balls or camphor oil.


  There are many kinds of incense in the market. You can choose a favorite smell and put it at home. In this way, it can not only keep your house from skinks, but also purify the air, remove peculiar smell and improve the style of the house. Moreover burning incense is good for people’s mood.

Realgar powder

  Realgar is a natural sulfide ore, which has the effects of detoxification and killing insects . If you find skinks in the house, you can buy some realgar powder from the pharmacy and sprinkle them on the porch, corners and other places where the skinks often show up. However, it should be noted that after expelling the skinks, realgar powder should be cleaned immediately, because it will oxidize with oxygen in the air at high temperature, and finally form dioxin trioxide. This chemical substance is highly toxic.

Camphor balls or camphor oil

  Camphor balls and camphor oil are extracted from camphor trees. They smell fragrant and can prevent insects, moths and moulds. Therefore, when skinks appear in the house, you can place camphor balls and camphor oil in the corner, so that skinks can leave immediately after smelling the smell. However, there are some synthetic camphor in the market. These camphor are cheap but contain toxins, which cause human discomfort and need to be carefully identified.

The benefits of skinks

  The unpleasant appearance of skink is very easy to cause many people to fear that it is poisonous and capable of doing harm to human being. In fact, skink is of some benefits to our life, including:

  1. Skinks feed on flies, mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches and many pests. It is a kind of beneficial and harmless animal for our life. If you are really afraid of it and don't want it in your house, you should try to drive it away withouthurting
  2. Many skinkscan be used as medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, skinks are dried by people to be used to remove poisonous or harmful substances from one’s body or treat some refractory diseases such as epilepsy, urination disorder and lymph node tuberculosis.

The hazards of skinks

  1. Skinks may carry bacteria that cause people uncomfortable or ill.
  2. Most skinksare not toxic, but skinks’ urine is toxic. After human body is stained with skink urine, there will be skin itching, redness and swelling, rash and so on. In this case, you should take measure to handle it.