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How to Get Rid of Ants in Apartment?

  If you see some ants in your apartment, there must be many more of them in their nest. A new ant nest is made first by the female ants for feeding ant larvae. After the successful mating of male and female ants, the female ants will rest in a suitable place to build a nest and wait for the eggs to hatch and feed them until adulthood. When these adult ants have the ability of self-reliance, they can go out to find food by themselves, and the queen ant continue to lay eggs. When the the number of ants in the nest growing, some ants will fly out to mate within a limited time and make a new nest to expand their living space. In a word, once there is favourable condition for ants to live in the apartment, they will mate with each other, building nests and grow into a large number, which is a nightmare for households.

  So what are the causes of ants’ appearing in the apartment?

  1. Generally speaking,there are ants at home mostly because of poor hygiene. Sometimes, small food bits falling down on the floor are easily ignored by people. Especially for families who have children , food bits will fall often on the ground while children eating.
  2. Ants love sweets. If there are unsealed brown sugar, white sugar and honey easily attract ants to gather.
  3. The damp conditions are favourable for ants to live and build nests. Therefore, rich moisture of bathroom makes it the most frequent place for the appearing of ants. Besides, in old apartment, the rotting wooden furniture, window frame or door frame will attract ants to build nests. All kinds of pipe crevices through the apartment buildingare also places through which ants can enter.
  4. For households on the first floorin a apartment, the outdoor environment may provide living condition for ants to build nests. Therefore, these ants could easily enter the house.

Ways to get rid of ants in the apartment

  After knowing the causes of ants’ gathering in the apartment, you can take the following measures to avoid this problem. The prevention can be made by:

  1. Paying attention to maintain the hygiene in the apartment. Carefully clean the floor and corners in every room, making sure not to leave food bits on the ground.
  2. Sealingthe crevices between the pipe and ceiling or ground. You can ask a professional worker for treatment, or you can buy materials to fill in all the gaps that serve as the channels for ants to enter.
  3. Installingscreens on the windows. You need to close the screen windows tightly and don't leave any gaps. Please notice to check the window in time and cut off the route for ants to creep into the house.
  4. Making surethat the leftover food is sealed and stored well, especially oil and sugar, and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom frequently and keep these places as dry as possible because they are the most favourable places for ants to build nest.  

If the above measures fail to stop the ants showing up in your apartment, you may need the following ways to get rid of those ants.  

  1. For a small number of ants creepinginto the apartment from the outside, you can utilize some deterring scents to drive them away. Ants fear the scent of washing powder, prickly heat powder, lemon or orange juice, cinnamon, peppermint oil, Chinese chives and other items. You can sprinkle or apply them on doors, windows and other places to driving away the ants.
  2. Ants like to eat sweet food. Youcan put biscuits, rice, sugar, bones, in a slightly open place. Soon, ants will gather around the food. At this time, you can use pesticides or boiling water to kill them.
  3. If there is an ant nest in the apartment and you don’t know where it is, you can't eliminate them all, for there are queen ants who will soon produce more ants in the nest. Therefore, you need to kill the queen ant. It's the best way to buy ant killing bait medicine and put it on the route where ants often appear. The worker ants will take the bait medicine back to the nest for the queen and other ants to eat. In this way, you can eliminate the queen ant and all ants.