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The United Nations Urges The Military To Exercise Maximum Restraint

Violent conflicts are generally increasing all over Myanmar. For this reason, the United Nations Security Council rarely issued a statement unanimously agreed by 15 members, calling on all parties in Myanmar to "immediately stop violent conflicts" and urging the military to exercise maximum restraint.

The Security Council issued a statement on Wednesday, saying: "The violent conflicts in Myanmar have been escalating recently, and the members of the Security Council are deeply concerned about this. They called for the immediate cessation of violent conflicts and the safety of the people. ""

After Myanmar's military launched a coup on February 1st, protests and violent clashes continued throughout the country, and militia groups and ethnic minority armed forces supporting the shadow government composed of the abolished parliamentarians also resisted by force. The military government called the rebels and dissidents "terrorists" and suppressed them with tough measures.

According to reports, Chin State in northwestern Myanmar, which has become the front of resistance to military rule, has recently assembled a large number of soldiers and heavy weapons. It is suspected that the military will launch an offensive against local militia groups in the near future. As of yesterday, the military government did not respond to these reports.

The above-mentioned statement of the Security Council prepared by Britain said: "The members of the Security Council reiterated their concern about the development of the situation in Myanmar and once again called on the military to exercise the utmost restraint. They encourage all parties to seek dialogue and reconciliation in accordance with the wishes of the Burmese people and take into account the interests of the people. ""

Rakhine State, which is adjacent to Chin State, also reported earlier that there was a conflict between the military and large armed groups. In response, the Security Council said: "Recent developments pose a particularly severe challenge for Rohingya refugees and internally displaced persons to return home voluntarily, safely, and with dignity."

The Rakhine Army, which vowed to give the Rakhine people greater autonomy, frequently clashed with the military in recent years. Until this year's coup, the military government and Rakhine Army reached a ceasefire agreement, so as to free up their hands to deal with the newly emerging anti-military militia groups.

A spokesman for Rakhine State revealed on Wednesday that the ceasefire agreement broke down because "the Burmese military invaded the areas under Rakhine State's jurisdiction, and it is still unclear how many casualties were caused by the renewed conflict between the two sides".

All parties are urged to ensure that the vaccine is "distributed fairly, safely and unimpeded"

At present, the statement of the Security Council also called on all parties to ensure that the coronavirus vaccine can be distributed "fairly, safely and unimpeded", so that all people in need can get humanitarian supplies and ensure the safety of personnel involved in the humanitarian and medical rescue.