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Should You Buy a House with a West-Facing Garden?

The real feelings of people living in a house with a west-facing garden

  Many people are concerned about whether the west-facing garden is good or not. Here some real feelings are collected to give you some reference. 

  1. The west-facing garden receives sunlight most of the day. The sun rises in the East and falls in the West, so except for morning hours, the sunlight will shine over the garden.
  2. In the United States, most of the hurricanes are moving from the western Atlantic to the northwest land. Therefore, west-facing gardens are the opposite side ofthe wind when the hurricane comes, which keeps itself from suffering the hurricane.
  3. In winter, people cansit out in the garden, enjoying sunlight in the afternoon, which is warm and comfortable.
  4. However, affected by ultraviolet rays, colors of the furniture, carpet and floor in the west-facing gardenwill fade and the aging of these items will be accelerated due to the sun.
  5. In summer, the high temperatureduring the days in the west-facing garden will increase the cost of living.

  Next, for prospective house buyers, the advantages and disadvantages will be listed for your information.

Advantages of west-facing gardens :

  1. The west-facing gardensenjoy sufficient sunlight during the dayand has a function in avoiding the wind when the hurricane comes.
  2. Gardensfacingthe west can enjoy warm sunshine in winter, and sufficient sunshine can give people a warm and comfortable feeling.
  3. West-facing gardens are relativelyless moisturized than those facing the east and south.So there is no need to worry mould growth.
  4. The sufficient sunlight can provide favorable conditions for certain types of plants, such as phlox, tulips, roses, daffodils, campanulas, jasmine, elderflower.

Disadvantages of west-facing gardens :

  1. Compared to the east-facing gardens,the gardens facing the west are relatively more exposed to the sun, sothe influence of ultraviolet rays are very annoying. The strong sunlight are troubling to heat-sensitive and sunlight-sensitive people and may lead to the fading and accelerated aging of furniture, which greatly reduces the service life of furniture.
  2. Gardens facing the west have poor ventilation in summersince the summer wind comes from the east.
  3. Because of the castingof sunlight, the indoor temperature will become higher and more heat will be released through the glass, which will slow down the indoor coolingeffect. At the same time, the operation time of the air conditioner will increase, so it elevates the cost of the household.
  4. Most of plants cannot withstand the strong sunlight. In summer days, the high temperature and strong sunlight will kill the plants growing in the west-facing gardens due to lack of moisture.  


  For families, garden is a multi-functional space. In the garden, people can set a table for meal and children can play on the ground. Moreover, some plant lovers can grow some flowers and vegetables in the garden. Therefore, a suitable garden is beneficial for every household. Among all facing directions, the west-facing gardens are the most unpopular ones. So is a west-facing garden really a problem?

  Generally speaking, the west-facing gardens are not bad, especially those located in the north. As long as it's sunny, the house will be very bright. Because of sufficient light, this conditions are very comfortable in winter.

  However, if you are located in the south, try not to choose the west-facing garden. As mentioned above, people located in the north buy a house with a west-facing garden because it is warm in winter and cool in summer, while those in the south are in the opposite situation. In summer, the temperature will be relatively high, which brings great challenges to the air conditioning.

  To conclude, when choosing a house, different people have different thoughts, but in any case, house-hunters should put their own living comfort first. If the price is within the acceptable range, everyone wants to buy a good house with good conditions and sufficient light.