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Nervous about the Formaldehyde in a New House: Things to Know

  Generally, after renovation, the house should be ventilated for a period of time mainly to disperse harmful substances in the building or renovation process. And the time it takes to ventilate the house will be affected by different seasons or the materials used to build or renovate the house. In spring and summer, the air humidity is high and the air flow is slow, so the air ventilation time should be relatively longer. The ventilation conditions in autumn and winter are better, so time is relatively short and you may live in after about two to three months.

  Therefore, if the formaldehyde removal is well done. You may move into the new house earlier. Next some ways to remove formaldehyde and other harmful gases will be introduced.

Ways to remove formaldehyde and other harmful gases

  1. You can raise some plant in the rooms, such aschlorophytum, tiger tail orchid, moso bamboo, and Research shows that tiger tail orchid and chlorophytum can absorb more than 80% of indoor harmful gases and have extraordinary ability to absorb toxic substances.
  2. Use electronic air purifier to speed up the ventilation and remove harmful gases.
  3. Pineapple can be cut into pieces and put on a plate to absorb toxic gases indoors and in furniture.
  4. Light some candles indoors to produce carbon dioxide, absorb indoor gas and accelerate oxidation.
  5. After 10o’clock in the morning, if possible, you can open windows and doors to speed up the air circulation in the house every 20 minutes.
  6. You can put several bowls of water indoors and regularly replace them with new ones, because formaldehyde is soluble in water.
  7. Fumigate the whole room with white vinegar.
  8. Place activated carbon bags. Generally, the recommended amount of carbon bags is 15 to 20 bags (50g/bag) in a room of about 20m2, and 1 to 2 bags can be placed in drawers and cabinets according to the size.

Situations to which you need to pay attention

  After moving into a newly built or renovated house, you’d better pay close attention to the health of your families. Sometimes, the lingered harmful gases in your new house may cause some problems to people’s health. If the following cases occur, please go to the hospital immediately and ask professional personnel to check the indoor air condition.

  1. People living in the house get a feeling ofnausea, suffocation and dizziness when getting up every morning.
  2. Family members often catch a cool, feel tired and sleepy and lose an appetite.
  3. People who donot smoke but often feel uncomfortable in throat and have difficulties in breathing.
  4. Children in the family often cough and have decreased immunity.
  5. Family members have certain symptoms of mass onset.
  6. Plants hardly survive, or domestic pets die inexplicably.

Hazards of toxic gases in new houses

  1. Hazards of formaldehyde

  Formaldehyde has a strong stimulating effect on skin and mucous membrane. After inhaling in high concentration of formaldehyde, people may have serious problems including respiratory tract irritation and edema, eye irritation, headache, allergic dermatitis, bronchial asthma and even cancer.

  1. Hazards of othersubstances such as benzene and ammonia

  Benzene, ammonia and other toxic substances mainly come from the adhesives used in coatings, paints and furniture, which may adversely affect the human’s central nervous system and may cause dizziness, headache, weakness, chest tightness and other symptoms.