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How to Get Rid of Bats in House?

Why do bats appear in your house?

  Bats may come in your house when the doors and windows were opened, and some pipeline may offer the channel for bats to enter your house, such as the gas pipe or chimney. What’s more, bats like to stay and live in the dark and build nests in such dark places, so you need to pay attention to some places that the sunlight cannot shine.

Are bats poisonous or carrying germs?

  Bats usually appear in the evening when they usually go out to look for food. Their food is mainly small insects such as mosquitoes and flies, so they are not harmful to human. Bats do not attack people on purpose. Most of them live in relatively hidden places where people rarely go and only a few kinds of bat are poisonous. And therefore the bats appear in houses no matter rural or urban areas are basically non-toxic, and they do not carry infectious germs.


How do you get rid of bats in your house?

  1. Open the window to drive them away. Firstly you should open all the windows at homefor bats to get through, and at the same time you canknock on the iron to make a sound or shout loudly in the house. Bats cannot stand the noise, so when they hears it, they will fly frantically. As long as the windows are open, bats will fly out through the window to escape from the noise.
  2. Use ultrasonic pest chaser.All you need to do is getting the ultrasonic pest chaserplugged in. The pest repellent can send out a unique sound wave that will drive the bats away. Bats are generally afraid of this sound wave, so the insect repellent is also a good choice. The ultrasonic pest chaser is very helpful for pests such as bats and mice, and it is not costly, usually about 20-25 dollars.
  3. Turn on the bright light. Bats are nocturnal animalsand oftenmove at night. They can be repelled by bright lights. What’s should be noticed is that you need to utilize the bright lights when the bats leave their nest to feed at night.
  4. Fill in the holes and fix the cracks. These dark holes and cracks five the bats shelter and protection. What’s more, these holes and cracks can be a perfect entry for bats to fly into your house. You can apply some metal mesh to stuff the crevices and then seal them entirely with foam.
  5. Improve the environment of your home. If bats appear in people’s house, it must be there is something at home is attractive to them such as mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Therefore you need to clean the room. Moreover, some bats feed on fruits, and if it is the fruits in your garden that attract the bats to come. You need to remove them out of your garden.
  6. Use natural repellent sprayer. You can simply buy a repellent sprayer to deal with the bats in your house. You can spray some on the places where the bats appear or near the nest. The substance will be a effective deterrent for bats to stay in your house.
  7. Ask for professional staff to remove them. If you are too afraid to drive the bats out of your house or there is a large number of them in your house. You’d better ask for professional assistance to do this. Although there is as little as 5% types of bat carry germs, you need to be careful.