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When is the Best Time to Sell a House?

Best month to sell a house

In March, April and May of a year, the property market is relatively hot, and there are a lot of people buying houses. But why so? In fact, the three months from March to May are the time just after the new year and the liquidity of population will increase, so there will a growing need in the house market. In addition, the three months at the beginning of a year will witness some mortgage, tax and housing preferential policies, which will give an impetus to the prospective house buyers to make a deal. What’s should be noticed is that the sale of house should not last until September when children are starting a new semester, and therefore the parents will not choose to move to a new house.


House sale in four seasons

The property market situation will be changed due to different seasons. There are various factors affecting a sale of property. You will see a analysis of house sale in four different seasons.

  • Spring(March-May)| As discussed above, the three months in springtime must be the best time to sell a house. Firstly, for a start of a year, people may make new plans for their future living and working, and therefore a large number of people tend to hunt for a property. What’s more, the tax refunds and bonus received in the end of the last year will make people have the financial conditions to buy a property. Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of buying a property for investment is getting heated.
  • Summer(June-August)| Summer may be one of the worst seasons for house sale. Since the weather is getting hotter and hotter, people will not be willing to go out for house-hunting. More important, this time is when schools to start a new semester. Few families will plan to find a new property away from the school. Moreover, many will take their vacation in summer, so it’s not a wise decision to sell a property in this time.
  • Autumn(September-November)| This season may be a good chance to sell your house since some prospective house buyers may be look to houses for the upcoming Christmas and New Year. The increasing need can benefit some sellers. In China, there is an idiom “Golden September and Silver October”in the property market, which reflects the great potential of house sale in autumn months. Moreover, there will be less competition in autumn since it  is approaching to the end of a year, so you may have more space to negotiate with the buyers about the price.
  • Winter(December-February)| Winter season is commonly regarded as the bad time for house sale. When the year-end holidays come, few people desire to look for a new house. In this season, people’s energy will be in the preparation for the end of the year and finish their work before the holiday. What’s more, the weather of wintertime is not suitable for people to see new house.

To conclude, if you want to sell your house at a good price, you’d better list your property for sale in March, April and May. Plus, sellers should follow the housing market trend and keep informed of mortgage rate, tax policies in the local state. These information will help them in the house sale for a good price.