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Eight Home Improvement Tips for Kitchen Design

  During the COVID-19 pandemic,the days of working from home are getting longer and longer, even if there is a take-out service, occasionally, they can’t help but want to cook. I would like to ask, a stylish kitchen that can clock in can make you even cook instant noodles with a sense of ritual. Who doesn't like it? Please check out the 8 kitchen design tips summarized below for everyone.

  1. Budget

  Knowing your kitchen renovation budget will determine the type of realization of your kitchen. First, integrate your expenditure and divide it into several parts according to this budget. Which part is the cost you must allocate first, such as electrical appliances. In this way, you can allocate the remaining costs to cabinets, countertops, installation costs, etc. within your budget.

  Remember, there is no right or wrong budget. First set aside what you can spend on the most important part that you think is the key. You can adjust the remaining budget in order of priority and reach the control range.

  2. Demand

  Many people often ignore this step. Instead of rushing to buy appliances and cabinets, it is better to prioritize your needs. What kitchen utensils and elements are what you must of. Or you want an open kitchen. In order to reduce the fume smell caused by cooking, a high-performance range hood must be included in the design range. This will help narrow your choices and focus on what is most important to you. It is also a smart way to plan your kitchen design according to your budget.

  3. Layout

  Now that the required elements are listed, then you can design the kitchen layout, plan the countertops and the placement of household appliances. In addition to the size and shape of the kitchen, such as the total area, the position and size of doors and windows, the size and height of cabinets and island kitchens, a general concept can make the layout easier to operate. Therefore, the basic rules of the layout are limited to the “triangular” range, so that the connected movement lines of the sink, stove, and refrigerator can be smoothed, thereby reducing the strength of back and forth activities and making the cooking process full of vitality.

  4. Material

  Choose materials that are easy to operate and maintain. In addition to meeting your design needs, you must also consider its durability and maintainability. Naturally mined materials, such as granite and marble, have unique textures. Their irregular natural textures are noble and elegant. They are not only wear-resistant, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, and are suitable for people with a budget. As for the processed quartz stone and artificial stone, not only the price is popular, but the style is more diverse than that of natural stone.

  The minimalist polished concrete that has emerged in recent years is also an excellent choice for kitchen materials. Its durability is high. As long as the surface details are treated properly, it can also be used as a mid-island kitchen countertop. In addition, the grout between the tiles is more difficult to maintain, and stainless steel is also easier to scratch, all of which need to be considered.

  5. Create a multifunctional kitchen

  When you want to design your dream open kitchen, more often you want to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the kitchen or make it a social place in your home. At this time, the island-style kitchen design can not only become your breakfast or coffee table, let you put cereal grains and coffee machines, but also can be used as a dry kitchen. You might as well install a sink here, so there is no need to move dirty coffee cups and dishes to the back kitchen for cleaning, which saves time and effort. This distinction can often allow more than one person to share the kitchen at the same time.

  Is the bar stool or dining chair you choose comfortable enough to make friends and family linger? You will be surprised that these little details can increase the time you spend with your family and friends.

  6. Storage

  Storagee is the key. Especially in the kitchen, we need to store a lot of things, from ingredients and tableware to all kinds of small appliances. Properly placed hidden storage space is a highlight of the kitchen's aesthetics. Asians who like hidden storage can naturally consider the concept of smart kitchen storage. In order to maximize storage space, cleverly use storage cabinets to create practical multifunctional wall cabinets, kitchen storage walls, and kitchen storage trolleys. Buying a wall-mounted unit is a space-saving solution. Sometimes you can’t put all items in the same space, so be sure to set a priority.

  7. Power supply

  Just like storage, you will never think that there are fewer power plugs. Having multiple spare power plugs does have many benefits, and it also reduces the trouble of adding plugs later. However, safety is paramount, please do not install near the sink or stove, and do not forget to add power and sockets to the Nakajima kitchen! Especially if you plan to use it as a social or work space.

  In order not to forget the fashion, today's socket design is not just square and black and white. You can choose sockets with different finishes to create a sense of luxury. Install a socket with a built-in USB port, you can charge your mobile phone and tablet anytime, anywhere.

  8. Ventilation

  The kitchen cannot avoid the oily fume and steam released during frying, because the cooking process will produce potentially harmful gases, and humans will be harmful to the body after long-term inhalation. Therefore, ventilation is the key. Installing a high-quality kitchen ventilation system and range hood is a simple solution, which can not only reduce the odor of oily smoke staying in the room, but also quickly restore the freshness of the kitchen air.

  Another tip is that you can add windows in the kitchen, and try to design the stove as close to the window as possible, so that the windows can be opened during high-temperature cooking, and the ventilation effect can be improved. The windows can also add more natural light to the kitchen.