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Ten Types of Agricultural Robot Working on the Farm

    The birth of agricultural robot is not only the product of the development of robot technology, but also the inevitable result of the development of agricultural modernization. With the wide application of agricultural robots, the traditional agricultural production mode has been upgraded and the transformation of modern agriculture has been accelerated.

    In this article, ten types of agricultural robot running in farm work will be introduced.

  1. Seedling growing robot

    When it comes to grow seedling, many may think watering and loosening the soil. In fact, this is not always the case. In the seedling growing operation, the hardest part is to move the crop seedlings around. If you are not careful, you will slip and fall a basin. In order to solve this problem, Americans invented a seedling growing robot.

  1. Farming robot

    Due to the large-scale development of modern agriculture and the continuous expansion of farm area, it is often necessary to employ a lot of labor or use relevant agricultural machinery and equipment for operation in each farming period. However, the labor cost is too high. It is difficult for traditional agricultural machinery to fully meet the needs of accurate and efficient agricultural farming. Nowadays, intelligent farming robots have been available. The farming robot can not only adjust the operation standard according to the farmland size, contour and planting crop types, but also realize autonomous farming, saving many traditional steps and greatly improving the operation efficiency.

  1. Harvesting robot

    When the crops are ripe, the joy of harvest will arise along with it. However, faced with a heavy load of harvesting task, you may feel stressed out and grumble about it, but for harvesting robots, such complaints will not be made.

    Now the harvesting robot has developed quite skillful. Professional harvesting robots can distinguish fruit from other parts according to different characteristics of crops. More importantly, the harvesting robot is completely immersed in its labor, shuttling around in the field shed and never feeling tired, which is more efficient than manual work.

  1. Sorting robot

    In agricultural production, sorting all kinds of mature crops is an essential agricultural work, which often requires a lot of labor. Moreover, sometimes there are omissions in manual sorting, which is not perfect. At this time, the sorting robot helps a lot. The agricultural sorting robot is not only durable and easy to operate, but also can automatically identify different crop fruits for classification, and will not scratch the fruit skin.

  1. Weeding robot

    Weeding is a work that requires care and patience. With the development of agricultural modernization, weeding also requires scientific measures and accurate operation. To this end, weeding robot has also become one of the ancestors in the field of agricultural robot, and devoted itself to the weeding cause early.

    Weeding robots can accurately spray herbicides to the expected location. BoniRob, a weeding robot developed by German agricultural experts, can remove 120 weeds per minute, much faster than manual and drug weeding.

  1. Fertilization robot

    Fertilization seems simple, but it is a very key link for agricultural production. Traditional manual fertilization is not only time-wasting, but also costly, and has an adverse impact on the environment.

    The fertilization robot is very smart and can formulate different fertilization strategies according to the actual situation of different types of soil. The robot can design the most appropriate fertilization scheme, which can not only reduce the total amount of fertilizer, control the cost, improve the efficiency, but also improve the groundwater quality.

  1. Picking robot

    Now, all kinds of agricultural picking have been commercialized. Nowadays, a variety of picking robots have been developed all over the world, including the orange picking robot developed in Spain, the mushroom picking robot developed in Britain and the strawberry picking robot developed in Japan.

    Although the specific functions of different robots are slightly different, most of their basic functions are similar, and their appearance is rather adorable. These picking robots shuttle among the fruit bushes, fully meeting the needs of rural life.

  1. Grazing robot

    With the development of modern animal husbandry, intensification and automation have become an irreversible trend. For many countries with developed animal husbandry, with large-size pastures and large industrial scale, it is difficult to fully meet the daily grazing demand. There is an urgent need to alleviate the pressure on labor and reduce the cost through the application of technology.

    Previously, Australian invented a "shepherd dog" robot, which can replace the traditional herder or shepherd dog. The robot uses advanced sensors and a built-in global positioning system, which can drive cattle and sheep to move according to their speed and path.

  1. Milk Robot

    Nowadays, milk has become one of the most mainstream drinks of mankind. It can be said that most people grow up drinking milk. However, the production of milk is not easy. The traditional milking method is not only inefficient, but also not clean enough. Therefore, an intelligent milking robot is very important.

    When milking cows, the milking robot will first automatically locate the cows, then disinfect the breasts, fix the sucking device, and then start the milking work. At the same time, the robot can also automatically count and analyze the health status of dairy cattle.

  1. Logging robot

    There is no separation between agriculture and forestry. Robots serving lumbering are also part of the big agricultural field. Compared with loggers, intelligent logging robot integrates the functions of clamping trees and logging, and its unique design enables it to pass freely in the forest. Both its efficiency and security are worthy of recognition.