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Small Home Action Makes the Room More Spacious

  "Small home action" promotes simple living in small homes. While the concept of "less is more" brings many benefits, such as a lower carbon footprint, less housework, cheaper renovations and energy savings, it also covers one problem: lack of storage space.

  Living in a small home with limited space can be a challenge to find a place to put it. But no matter how small your house or room is, you can still find unexpected space in it, and using shelving or baskets is something to consider.

  Follow the creative ideas below to add more storage space to your home without fussing about decorating.

1. Rack

  Small spaces should avoid cluttered piles. Not only does this make the living space more cramped, it can also make people feel irritable without proper storage and sorting. The trick to sorting is to store things on a regular basis. As long as it is in an open space, install a long shelf. The great thing about this type of practice is that shelving can fit in just about any space in your home. If you have houseplants, it's also a good idea to display them on a shelf.

  If it is not suitable to place furniture in narrow corners, installing V-shaped wooden shelves can make full use of these dead corners and create storage corners.

2. Hook rack

  Another way to add space to your home is to use hook racks. Unlike shelves that need to be mounted on the wall, hook racks can basically be hung anywhere you like. Plus, this type of gear doesn't take up floor space, so you can move around your home without accidentally kicking things over.

  In addition, you can also add lace embellishments to the hook rack, which not only adds to the home atmosphere, but also brings more storage space!

3. Small table stand

  Using a small table frame can make a normal workbench more ergonomic and more practical. This practice can raise the computer slightly, freeing up more space for books, papers, stationery and important documents.

  Using a small table frame can also improve bad posture! Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time is likely to cause you to stoop or hunched over involuntarily, and a computer desk frame forces you to sit up straight to look directly at the screen.

4. Under-bed storage

  Do you also make good use of the space under the bed for storage purposes? If your answer is no, you just found yourself extra storage space in your home. Get the most out of the space under your bed with a selection of boxes or boxes. If you have extra budget, wood products are very design; if you have less budget, plastic or canvas designs are also good. The trick here is to maintain the unity of the overall space in order to confirm the classification of objects. Labeling each box individually helps to show the category of contents.

  Also, if you still have an old bookshelf at home, just lay it flat and push it under the bed to recycle it. Isn't it great that the bookshelf is just the right size to fit under the bed and even has layers directly?

5. Puzzle

  Don't underestimate the functionality of the jigsaw - yes, that's what we see in the garage or studio - it can solve your storage problems without taking up any space. With just a few screws, you can set up panels and store items in any space.

  Don't have a place to store pots and pans? They can be hung on the board. Would you rather display your jewelry than put it in a jewelry box? Hang it on a puzzle and let the world (or visitors) watch it together! In addition, this practice also saves time in the selection and matching of jewelry in the morning.

  Fancy owning Carrie Bradshaw's shoe closet but don't have the space to make it happen? Just set up a panel shoe rack and fix it on the closet door or wall to display your shoe collection generously.

6. Magnet storage rack

  Use the magnet organizer to free up precious kitchen cupboard space for recipes, paper towels, spice jars and small kitchen utensils. You can of course stick the magnet pieces anywhere, but the easiest way is to stick them to the refrigerator door. If you're after convenience, it's best to put your frequently used kitchen utensils close to the cooking space, so you don't have to go back and forth to get items.

  Tip: Don't stack heavy items on the magnet organizer, it won't carry the weight!