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What Active Intelligence can do for Us?

  Using voice control, NFC technology, sensor systems, etc. to achieve whole-house intelligence does not mean enjoying active intelligence. Active intelligence should anticipate my life needs and proactively solve problems for me. Maybe as long as I move my mouth, the indoor temperature, humidity, air, and light will all meet my needs; I will customize my own recipes and start cooking with one key; I will automatically recommend laundry programs, and even if I forget to take it, it can also automatically deodorize Anti-wrinkle; talk about the active smart scene you enjoy at this stage, what convenience does it bring to life?

  Active intelligence may be the so-called lazy intelligence! This kind of wisdom is praised in the article Lazy Wisdom. Of course, the reason for the rise of active intelligence at this stage is that with the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for their own well-being. Therefore, it is hoped that active intelligence can be used to obtain happiness and improve the environment of the home. Active and intelligent Home can also relieve stress very well. After all, the pace of life is getting faster and faster. Many people may actually be frustrated in the workplace or in other aspects, or they may be very tired! If there is no good place and opportunity to relieve stress, it is easy to suffer from various physical and mental diseases!

  Connect whole-house smart devices with millimeter-wave radars to realize active intelligence of whole-house devices. Active intelligence enables automatic control of devices. Millimeter-wave radar can detect whether people are moving in a room. When people are there, lights, air conditioners, and other devices will turn on directly, and they will automatically turn off when people leave the room. After dinner, leave the kitchen and turn off the cooker hood automatically without bothering to turn off the appliance. Active intelligence can also determine sleep status and automatically adjust lights and curtains to enter sleep mode and wake-up mode. For emergencies in the elderly, active intelligence can also immediately alert family members to know. Active intelligence can also accurately locate the location of indoor pets, set intelligent alarm intrusion, etc. Whole-house active intelligence requires that all products in a smart home run on a unified platform and follow a unified standard. Only by taking space as a product and starting from intelligent infrastructure, can the ecology of subsystems and single products be realized, the whole house of integrated design and service can be realized, and the intelligent experience of natural interaction between software and hardware can be realized. Realize people-oriented, and at the same time develop towards active intelligence, so that more users can easily live in a comfortable home in the future. With core devices such as AI super sensors, the active intelligence of the entire house adds more human-friendly scenarios. All-round active intelligence is widely used in the field of intelligent driving for the first time. Millimeter wave sensing technology is used in home scenarios. Millimeter-wave sensors can detect movements as small as a fraction of a millimeter by sending and receiving millimeter-wave signals. By detecting the changes of microwave signals caused by human fretting, accurately determining the existence state, position and movement trajectory of the human body in space plays a vital role in improving the active intelligent scene experience of the entire home. The whole-house active smart solution can detect the movement changes of the elderly at home after getting up through AI super sensors. The whole house intelligent host intelligently judges whether the elderly get up or not through comprehensive perception of motion speed, angle, position and other information, and then automatically turns on the night light mode to facilitate the elderly to move. Similarly, the wind direction of the air conditioner is automatically adjusted to avoid blowing directly to the human body; when someone is in front of the toilet, the sensor senses the toilet demand and automatically turns on the exhaust fan. Such active smart scenarios will be increasingly used in whole-home smart solutions.

  Active intelligence will actively perceive changes in the environment and users, and strive to bring users an intelligent life experience. The one I feel the most is the intelligent inverter air conditioner. After entering the door, you only need to wake up the air conditioner by voice, and you don't need to do anything else. The air conditioner will adaptively sense the ambient temperature and automatically adjust to a comfortable indoor temperature. The temperature control accuracy is particularly high. . And the temperature adjustment speed of the air conditioner is very fast, and when the ambient temperature changes, the air conditioner will also change accordingly. In order to provide users with a quiet environment, the noise of the air conditioner is very low. In addition, the air conditioner can intelligently adopt different temperature control strategies according to the size of the room, so that each room can maintain the same suitable temperature. This is what Active Intelligence has done for me. There is no need to manually turn on, adjust the temperature, and shut down as before. These series of operations only require you to move your mouth. Moving your mouth is still much more convenient than doing it manually, and you can control it through voice. , the use of Midea voice + Midea intelligent inverter air conditioner can enjoy the intelligent life experience brought by active intelligence. Of course, in the future, I hope that active intelligence can be more intelligent, and can control itself without relying on the user's voice control. Imagine a scene like this, when you come home from get off work and open the door, all the lights in the room are turned on, the air conditioner is turned on and the temperature is adjusted to a suitable temperature, the water heater is turned on to boil hot water, the rice cooker automatically starts cooking, and the cooking machine also starts to work to prepare dishes, and you can feel it when you enter the door At a comfortable temperature, you can enjoy a delicious dinner after sitting for a while. After eating, you can take a rest and take a comfortable hot bath. This is the intelligent experiential life brought to us by active intelligence in the future. I believe that soon future will be realized.

  With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for quality of life, smart home products are more and more popular, and smart home such as smart door locks, smart toilets, and smart speakers have gradually become necessities of life. Undoubtedly, intelligence has brought a brand-new concept to the home. I have to understand that it is relatively niche. There are cute kids in the family who take online classes. If the weather is bad, the house will become dark. Young age can not hurt the eyes. Active intelligence, will the light be turned on properly at this time, will it feel very comfortable! The old man in the family is getting older, and high blood pressure will also follow. Many times, because he is busy and forgets to take medicine, it will bring unnecessary trouble. If there is a device that can automatically detect the heart rate, pulse, and send a reminder if there is an abnormal situation, will it be very helpful? What about caring? Maybe as a report said, in the future, smart home will become a 'brain' housekeeper in the home. It will determine scene-based sensorless intelligent control based on weather, temperature, light, status, voice, and behavior, so that family members can truly feel Smarter home environment facilities such as comfort, safety, and energy saving” Technology lights up the future, wisdom lights up life, I believe that in the near future, our life will be smarter and better!