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The World Earth Day 2022 - Invest in Our Planet

  The World Earth Day, which falls on April 22 every year, is a festival specially set up for the world's environmental protection. It aims to raise the public's awareness of existing environmental problems and mobilize the public to participate in the environmental protection movement. Improve the overall environment of the earth through green and low-carbon life.

Origin of The World Earth Day

  In 1969, a large-scale oil spill occurred in Santa Barbara, California. Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, who has long been concerned about the issue of environmental degradation, was inspired by the student anti-war movement at that time. The lecture tour on various college campuses infused the concept of "air and water pollution" into the energy of student anti-war protests with a new public awareness. They recruited Denis Hayes to organize campus events, and then chose April 22, 1970, as the first Earth Day. This move immediately aroused the national media and the public's attention to environmental protection, and received a broad response from various organizations and groups.

Some trivia about the earth

  The word "earth" is derived from the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) word "Erda", which means "ground" and "soil". Despite the name "ground", 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by water.

  The mass of the earth is 5.975×10^24 kilograms. Today, it is still accreting comets, meteorites, cosmic dust and interstellar molecules in the universe. According to expert estimates, the earth can obtain about 100,000 tons of interstellar matter every year, of which cosmic dust reaches 23,430 tons. So, the earth gets a little bit fatter every year.

  Since the earth was born out of chaos 4.6 billion years ago, there have been more than 1 trillion species of creatures living and multiplying on it. How many living things are there on earth now? Go to the small garden at the entrance and dig a spoonful of soil with a spoon. There are more organic life forms "living" in it than the number of human beings on the earth.

  About 620 million years ago, a day on Earth was only 21.9 hours. It can be seen that the rotation speed of the earth is gradually slowing down, but for us, the magnitude is negligible - only 70 milliseconds every 100 years, so if you want an extra hour of the earth's day, you have to wait another 100 million year.

  There have been many magnetic pole reversals on Earth throughout history, with north changing to south and south to north, the most recent being 780,000 years ago. Some scientists suspect that the reversal of the earth's magnetic poles was the cause of the extinction of ancient organisms.

  Our earth can survive safely in the universe, thanks to Jupiter. Jupiter is large in size, large in mass, rotates fast, and has a stronger gravitational force than ordinary planets.

  Earth is the only planet known to have plate tectonics. Seven huge plates are moving in different directions, shaping the ever-changing geological features of the planet. Even if it moves 1-10 centimeters per year, the global carbon cycle depends on a few centimeters per year, so as to prevent the earth from overheating.

  Humans' exploration of space has never stopped since ancient times. However, with the launch of artificial satellites and space stations, there are more and more space junk. In 2014, a NASA data showed that there were 2,600 failed but in-orbit satellites floating over the earth, twice the number of working satellites. According to statistics from the US Space Monitoring Network, there are 26,000 objects above 10 cm in orbit, and more than 50,000 objects between 1-10 cm. Most of them are space junk.

  97% of the water on earth is salt water, and 70% of the remaining 3% of fresh water freezes in ice at the poles, and most of the rest is in the soil, or deep underground that is difficult for humans to extract.

  About 300 million years ago, almost all of the land on Earth was a unit. During the Jurassic period, Pangaea split into two continents, and over time they split into what they are today.

  The World Earth Day 2022 calls on people from different countries to participate in this worldwide environmental protection movement and improve the earth's environment through daily environmental protection actions such as energy conservation and carbon reduction, and various Earth Day activities.

Invest in our planet

  The theme for The World Earth Day 2022 is "Invest In Our Planet". This is a bold call. This slogan not only includes high-level ESG, but also includes the bottom-up green consumption choices of each consumer and the proposition of exercising their own "green consumption rights" through "Human-based Solutions" (Human-based Solutions). , referred to as HbS), to deal with the biodiversity crisis, climate crisis and public health crisis we are facing today.

  According to the latest report of the United Nations organization IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the world is heading for more severe and frequent disasters caused by the climate crisis, and there is almost no time to turn things around. Citizens should stand up and take positive action to seize the last chance to reverse.

Protecting the earth starts with life

  Caring about the mother earth that nurtures us requires everyone to participate in practical actions, and usually pay more attention to environmental issues and news. Everyone can start from the things in daily life, including the following:

  * Save energy and reduce energy consumption.

  * Drive less, bike more, or use a zero-carbon car.

  * Don't waste food, eat less meat (reducing meat can help reduce carbon emissions), cook more at home.

  * Develop the habit of recycling and do a good job in sorting garbage.

  * Use less plastic products and bring your own environmentally friendly tableware to reduce plastic pollution.

  * A variety of trees, protect the forest (use less paper, or replace it with environmentally friendly paper).

  * Clean up the environment around your home.

  * Walk in nature.

  * Choose environmentally friendly products.

  * Buy more local produce.

  Begin with a daily habit, give your own care to the environment and the earth, and you can improve the earth's environment little by little. The more people work together, the better the earth will be!