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How to Upgrade Your Bathroom without Renovations?

  While we'd all love to redecorate our home every time we get tired of the same space, it's actually not something we can do very often, and it's also a bit budget-unfriendly. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways you can decorate your house with little things, or even change the furniture pattern in your bedroom to give it a new look!

  However, it is not easy to rearrange the layout in the bathroom. Add that to the fact that most city dwellers don't have much room to change at will, and you might find yourself in a bind.

  But don't worry, there's always a way to get to the mountain, there's always a solution, and we're here to show you how to upgrade your bathroom without going through a full renovation.

1. Repaint

  Repainting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your bathroom or any other room a new lease of life. While it's tempting to be able to choose a color you like, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a new color for your bathroom. For example, is your bathroom space large or small? If it's small, painting it a darker color might make the space feel smaller—and vice versa. Is your bathroom well-lit? If so, feel free to experiment with dark and light shades.

  Also, think about the psychological effects of your choice of color. Certain colors are associated with promoting certain emotions. Just think about how the color makes you feel and if you want to be surrounded by it when you take a shower.

2. Detachable wallpaper and wall stickers

  Don't like paint? Don't worry, another easy way to refresh your bathroom walls is with removable wallpaper or even simple wall stickers. Now, wallpaper design is much more advanced than ever, going beyond the old-fashioned bells and whistles. Now, there are even some simple and minimalist designs that will satisfy you who love minimalistic Scandinavian design.

  For wall stickers, you can find a wide variety of designs online, from refined designs to handwritten sentences that remind you of the best things in life while you shower. Plus, they're relatively inexpensive and easy to customize, which is a good thing if you're renting.

3. Add plants

  Indoor plants are all the rage right now. Our generation has gone from thinking gardening is an old man's hobby to indulging in plant decorations until we turn our houses into greenhouses. So why not extend that plant setting to your bathroom?

  Small plants of any kind can liven up your bathroom and look good. From thick-leafed plants on the sink to radishes by the shower window, these green elements can make your space look better. If you can afford bigger floor plants, go for it!

  Worried about not getting enough sunlight in the bathroom? Don't worry, there are plenty of houseplants that don't require sunlight to grow well: Dieffenbachia, Sailgreen, Peppergrass, Philodendron, and Sansevieria to name a few.

4. Change your lighting

  As much as we love natural lighting in the bathroom, you still need to use the bathroom once the sun goes down. Lighting is an extremely important part of any room. If your existing bathroom lighting is too dim or harsh, causing you to look different after makeup, it's time to change the lighting.

  Warm light bulbs are better than cool white light bulbs because warm light suits our skin tone better. If you can, choose as many lighting options as possible in your bathroom so that the light hits all parts of the bathroom.

  If you're happy with your existing lighting choices, but want to change things up, consider switching to a different fixture. With so many different designs to choose from on the market, you are free to experiment with different designs to suit your overall home aesthetic.

5. Add shelving

  You have a dedicated shower area and a dry bathroom with some space, so why not consider putting some shelving in it? You can install wall-mounted shelves above your sink or toilet, or you can put a simple and stylish ladder shelf in the Hang towels there and plant a small plant. This extra space can be used for more decorations, it can be anything from a multifunctional woven basket to your favorite perfume bottle.

6. Change your shower curtain

  Does your bathroom only have a tub instead of a shower area? You're in luck! The shower curtain doesn't have to be plain white - you can embellish it with a cute and quirky print, like this one. This is definitely one of the great options to make a change in your bathroom, especially if you haven't replaced your shower curtain in a while.

7. Upgrade your faucet

  Have you been using the same fixtures in your bathroom since you moved in? If you didn't completely renovate your home when you first bought it, you're using the same faucets in your home. No wonder you're tired of everything in the bathroom!

Changing the faucet is easier than you might think. IKEA already has a lot to choose from, from the basics to the modern and stylish. Soon, you'll want to be able to wash your hands frequently with your new faucet at all times.

8. Try a new mirror

  Never underestimate the power of a new mirror, despite the simplicity of the idea. If you're using the same IKEA range of tiled mirrors for convenience, you'd be wrong, try looking online for other Scandinavian-inspired furniture that will give your bathroom a whole new look.

  The mirrors now are different from the previous mirrors. Most of the mirror styles are hung instead of just sticking to the mirror as before.