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How Brown Sugar is Manufactured?

Brown Sugar V.S Raw Sugar

Before knowing how brown sugar is manufactured, it is necessary to get to know raw sugar, which is very similar to brown sugar.

The harvested sugarcane is chopped and crushed, and the impurities such as soil and fiber are removed from the pressed juice, which is then left to evaporate and crystallize. These crystals are spun in a centrifuge to allow them to separate and dry on their own. These crystals have a slightly light brown color because of the presence of molasses. This is the sugar that is called raw sugar.

The refined white sugar from the raw sugar is added with certain volume of molasses, and this is the brown sugar. According to the amount of molasses added, brown sugar can be divided into light brown sugar (3.5%) and dark brown sugar (6.5%).

Brown Sugar V.S White Sugar

Although the raw materials for the production of brown sugar and white sugar are the same, the production process of brown sugar is simple. It contains more glucose and cellulose, releases energy faster, and has a high absorption and utilization rate. However, the sugar and calories contained in brown sugar are about the same as white sugar.

Brown sugar is sweeter. Because brown sugar contains certain impurities, the sweetness is quite low. The purity of white sugar is relatively high, so the sweetness is relatively high.

Brown sugar has higher nutritional content. Brown sugar is a mixture of sucrose and molasses, so brown sugar contains both polysaccharides and monosaccharides. For example, glucose is more than 20 times that of white sugar. White sugar basically contains polysaccharides. Brown sugar also contains many other nutrients such as some amino acids, carotene, riboflavin, etc., which are not present in white sugar.

Brown Sugar DIY

If you are worried that the brown sugar you bought is not healthy or pure, you can also try to make brown sugar at home.

The process of making brown sugar is very simple. You can choose to buy either sugarcane, or ready-made sugarcane juice as raw material.

Put the juice into the pre-prepared pot and boil it. After it is boiled, stir it every few minutes until the water evaporates and the brown sugar is finished.