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How Much Do You Know About Pet Food
  1. What are the types of pet food?

According to the form of food, pet food can be divided into

Dry food. Such as: fish food, dog food, cat food, casual snacks;

Semi-dry pet food. Such as: canned pet food, homemade dog food, cat food;

Liquid pet food. Such as: pet meat sauce, pet nutrition porridge and so on.


According to the purpose of pet food, pet food can be divided into:

Complete pet food.

Complementary pet food.

Pet snacks. Canned food, fresh package, meat strips, dried meat, etc.

Pet attractant. Pet attractant is a specially designed nutritional additive that can induce pets to eat, increase pets' palatability and appetite according to the needs of pets.

Prescription food. Prescription food is a diet with a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect matched by a pet doctor or animal nutritionist according to the specific disease and nutritional status of the animal.

  1. How to choose the right food for your pet?

The first is to choose according to the taste of your pet. Pets, like humans, have food they love and food they don’t like. Some food may be loved by other people’s dogs very much, but your own dogs are not like that. This depends on the pet’s daily habits. Choose something they love to eat, which suits their taste, so that they will eat willingly. For example, some pets like to eat some heavy-tasting foods, while some pets prefer to eat sweets. Therefore, the pet parents should focus on the taste of the pet when choosing.

In addition to the pet’s taste, the pet parents should also take care of the pet’s health. They should not be unrestrained just because the pet loves to eat. For example, there are some foods that taste particularly heavy or salty. Pets may prefer to eat, but they are not good for their health.

In addition, pet parents can also choose the corresponding food according to the current state of the pet. If their hair is not shiny, you can choose some feed for beautiful hair, and if there is a recent digestion problem, you can choose some digestible food. This should be selected based on the actual status of the pet.

The last is to choose according to the pet's own situation, and to choose according to the pet's age and breed, etc., so that it will benefit their health. For example, there are some foods on the market that are specifically for Teddy or Golden Retriever. This is like a child eating milk powder, it needs to be selected according to age.

  1. Is human food edible for pets?

In order to show their love, many pet parents will feed their pets the good things they think, but they don't know that some foods may cause sickness and even endanger their lives.

4. What is holistic pet food?

Currently, there is not defined standard definition of the word“holistic”on the pet food bags and containers. Different from “natural food”, which is specifically required that no chemically synthesized ingredients, additives and preservatives should be used in the pet food making and processing, “holistic food”can contain some chemically synthesized ingredients as it is not legally defined and regulated. It is recommended that pet parents do more research when buying pet food, and make sure there is an AAFCO label.