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The World Top 10 Agricultural Universities

The QS World University Rankings is a global university ranking with a long history. It is the four most credible and representative university rankings in the world along with the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, USNews World University Rankings, and ARWU World University Academic Rankings. According to the 2020 QS World University Ranking, the best ten agricultural universities are as follows:

  1. Wageningen University, Netherlands

Wageningen University and Research Center is composed of Wageningen University and the former Agricultural Research Institute of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. Wageningen University is one of the top research universities in agriculture and life sciences in Europe and the world. Its agricultural sciences, life sciences, food sciences, environmental sciences, etc. enjoy a high reputation in the world.

Zoology and Aquatic Sciences; Bioinformatics; Biotechnology; Crop Planting Science; Environmental Science; Food Science and Technology; Forest and Nature Conservation; Geoinformatics; Agricultural Ecology and Social Technology Transformation; Management, Economics and Consumer Research ; Nutrition and human health; Water and soil science; Food industry and agricultural commerce.

2. University of California, Davis  United States

The University of California Davis is the world's biological agriculture and environmental scientific research and education center. In plant science, civil engineering, environmental engineering, animal science, agriculture and resource economics and management science, it ranks among the top ten universities in the United States.

Agriculture and environmental education, animal biology, animal science, animal science and management, atmospheric science, biotechnology, clinical nutrition, community and regional development, ecological management and restoration, entomology, environmental horticulture and urban forestry, environmental policy analysis and Planning, environmental science and management, environmental toxicology, food science, global disease biology, human development, hydrology, international agricultural development, landscape architecture, management economics, marine and coastal science, nutrition science, plant science, sustainability Development of agricultural and food systems, sustainable environmental design, viticulture and oenology, wildlife, fish and conservation biology.

  1. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is the best agricultural university in Sweden and even in Northern Europe. It consists of 3 independent colleges: the College of Veterinary Medicine, the College of Forestry, and the College of Agriculture. At the same time, the Forestry College and Agricultural College moved from Stockholm to the Ultuna area of Uppsala (now the main campus of the Swedish Agricultural University). These independent colleges have a long history at the same time.

Forestry College: Management Efficacy, Forest Ecology, Forest Mathematical Statistics, Forest Entomology, Forestry Production, Wood Protection, Forestry Quality and Development, Tree Genes, Tree Physiology, Forestry Management, Forest Soil, Forestry Market, etc.

Agricultural College: Soil Science, Dairy Product Production and Management, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural International Trade, Gene and Crop Planting, Water Conservancy Agriculture, Fruit Tree Science, Agricultural Architecture, Water Conservancy Management, Soil Improvement, Radioecology, Livestock Feeding, Animal Physiology, Agriculture Market, plant pathology, agricultural machinery, agricultural engineering, pest control, land economics, statistics, land planning, natural resources, inorganic chemistry, etc.

School of Veterinary Medicine: Zoology, Hulkology, Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Feed Microbiology, Livestock Health, Animal Genes, Medicine, Parasitology, Clinical Veterinary Surgery, etc.

  1. Paris Institute of Technology, France

It is the highest level of education in the field of life, food and environmental sciences in France. The school’s sustainable agricultural production is the main direction for training engineers.

  1. Cornell University, United States

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is the second largest college of Cornell University and the third largest of its kind in the United States. The college is the top college of agriculture and related sciences in the United States. The college uses interdisciplinary education methods to meet the challenges of today's world through world-renowned research projects. The college mainly explores research on human and natural systems, food/energy and environmental resources, social/physical and economic well-being. The college continues to carry out sustainable innovations to promote public interest. The school’s dominant research fields are food and energy systems, social sciences, life sciences and environmental sciences.

Animal Science, Environmental Toxicology, Landscape Design, Entomology, Food Science and Technology, Microbiology, Genetics, Genomics and Development, Horticulture, Plant Pathology and Plant Microbiology, Plant Breeding and Genetics Department, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Crop and Soil Science.

  1. University of California, Berkeley  United States

The school was originally formed by the merger of the College of California and the College of Agriculture, Mining and Mechanical Arts in the Oakland area. The school is the oldest university under the UC system. The College of Natural Resources provides minor programs for undergraduates, and consists of the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Department of Nutritional Sciences, and the Department of Plant Sciences.

  1. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ETH Zurich and ETH Lausanne are the only two federal polytechnics in Switzerland. They are famous universities with the same reputation as Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. At the beginning, the university had only disciplines such as industrial and civil construction, forest science, mechanical engineering, and chemistry. Later, humanities, society and politics were added.

  1. University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a large comprehensive university with a high reputation in the fields of life sciences, economics, mathematics, natural sciences, medicine, and political science. There are agricultural majors such as applied agricultural economics, agricultural enterprise management, agricultural education, and agronomy.

  1. University of Reading, United Kingdom

The University of Reading was founded in 1892. The school was first established as a branch campus of the University of Oxford, and was granted royal authorization in 1926. The University of Reading is a famous red brick university in the United Kingdom. It was a former member of the University Group in 1994. It has won the Queen’s Anniversary Award four times in 1998, 2005, 2009 and 2011. Due to its achievements in various aspects, it has now become a comprehensive university integrating research and teaching, and is among the top universities in the UK. Agronomy and Forestry is ranked 1st in the UK.

  1. China Agricultural University, China(Mainland)

China Agricultural University is the origin of modern agricultural higher education in China. It has developed into a research university with characteristics and advantages of agronomy, life sciences, agricultural engineering and food sciences, and has formed agriculture and life sciences, resources and environmental sciences with distinctive characteristics and complementary advantages. Focusing on human nutrition and health, China Agricultural University is guided by major national agricultural technology needs and international academic frontiers, and carries out high-level scientific research, social services, and cultural inheritance and innovation. The research in the fields of biological breeding, healthy breeding, veterinary public health safety, agricultural green development, agricultural engineering, food manufacturing, China's agricultural and rural development and global food safety is at the leading level at home and abroad.